Why We Do It 

Bringing Humans and wildlife closer together

Rainforests are World Wonders

Our founders were impacted inspirationally by first their first encounters of the majesty of the Amazon rainforest. Their continued experiences have led to a desire to keep alive and defend the rights of the wildlife and people that call this place home. The environment is often overlooked as a priority for businesses and governments evolving in this developing era, however we believe the wildlife deserves the same rights to the land and resources as we do. With increasing rates of deforestation in all of the worlds rainforests humanity needs to increase its rates of intervention, calling for more protection, conservation, reestablishment of lost habitat and the practice of new, more sustainable ideas that respect the wildlife and the indigenous peoples.

In order for anything to get done and achieve some sort of progress, there needs to be action. And though we live in an age of super connectivity with more businesses and work going online, this action cannot be done just over the internet, it needs people on the frontline working side by side with the locals. It is about being part of the community, a neighbor that is welcomed to be there and is helping to bring about change, with new ideas and practices that can only be adopted by a physical presence.

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Push for a Positive Future

The reality is, there is not just one organization that can completely save, protect or fix these pressing issues of our generation. It requires many organizations working for a cause from many angles. Imagine the collective whole of all them working together or separately on the issues. Over time, we hope for a positive change. By supporting an organization like Saving Monkeys, it is like taking one more step in the right direction. Adding more work and resources to the whole of solving the problem for future generations to come!

Saving Monkeys

A registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization in the USA. Federal EIN # 84-2101196.

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