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We Want to Get Our Hands Dirty

Aside from monetary donations, we are happy to accept support through other means such as professional work skills, or right in the field doing some of the physical dirty work. This is often the most rewarding, being in the rainforest, experiencing it’s absolute beauty and local hospitality!

Support us to do the work on the ground and in the action. We professionally run our volunteering projects with our team of experienced, bilingual director that are there to educate and teach about the marvels of the rainforest as well as it’s hazards. Many of the projects involve reforestation efforts in Amazonian communities alongside highly knowledgeable locals that understand and know the risks involved in the area!

Please directly email us at if you feel you have interest in supporting with your skills and talent. (We can set up remote projects)


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We are Open to Volunteers

With professional skills to fulfill projects with marketing, administration, social media, data, research, website, or other business technology or organizational related activities.

University students that are anxious for learning and experience while giving back to the rainforest communities! We also like to hear about new, interesting sustainable ideas from academia for future projects!

For operational support in the field. If you think you have an adventurous spirit, not afraid to get physically exerted; as well as a sharp, open mind that’s thirsty for knowledge and anxious to give!

Please keep in mind, we take our selection process very seriously! With any of our volunteering opportunities, setting someone up to help us out takes effort on both of our sides equally. We expect full dedication from you if we offer you an opportunity.

Understand this fully before reaching out to!

Saving Monkeys

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