Aware of Animal Abuse?

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Knowledge of animal abuse or mistreatment?

Have you witnessed or have become aware of an animal abuse or mistreatment case?

Please speak up and report your suspicions of cruelty to your local law enforcement agency, humane organization, animal control agency or taxpayer-funded animal shelter.

How to express or report your concerns:

Have your account together with whatever evidence and facts you may have that is deems necessary to report your claim and convey that a course of action is necessary.

Keep a record of your case. Who you contacted, dates/timeline, documents etc. as well as have the answers to the general questions:

-Do you wish to remain anonymous?
You may be asked this question if the organization or authority to which you report your claim may wish to contact you in need of additional information. Also, the case is more likely to be pursued when there are credible witnesses willing to stand behind the report and, if necessary, testify in court.

-To your best knowledge, what type of animal?

-The details of the event of mistreatment/abuse? What actions, physical signs or symptoms caused you to believe there is a situation of animal abuse to report.

-Evidence? Eye-witness, photographic, video, verbal, written etc.
-Who or what group is suspect and do you believe to be responsible for the issue?

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Reporting Contacts

For more information and understanding on reporting Animal cruelty please see:


Humane Society of the US



United States Department of Agriculture
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


Humane Society International

Saving Monkeys

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