Our Vision


Bringing Humans and wildlife closer together

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation and sustainability by focusing on reforestation, research, education, and rehabilitation.  We work directly with communities situated in delicate ecosystems to achieve a better future for both the wildlife and the people who live there.

Where We Focus

RAINFOREST Conservation

We are dedicated to maintaining the happy, healthy ecosystems of the planet’s tropical rainforests and understanding their current threats.

Community education

Quite possibly one of the main issues to target is proper education of rainforest communities. Properly providing awareness and understanding of the impacts of the locals on the ecosystems.

Sustainable Agriculture

Promoting new, alternative methods and sustainable ideas to put an end to the destructive agricultural techniques. 


Just one necessary step in the process of restoring natural environments and ecosystems back to their original condition.

Our Goals & Approach

We foster a better harmony between the people who live in the rainforest and the native wildlife.

We educate communities so they understand that there are other economic sustainable alternatives to consider, rather than continuing the old practices that contribute to deforestation and habitat destruction.

We offer communities valuable knowledge or the means to find it to support these alternative ideas.

We devote our resources and attention to projects that we see make the largest impact to the community and ultimately the entire rainforest region.

We aim to cultivate the roots for more nature conscious communities that are aware of human impact and the importance of healthy ecosystems. Leading to healthier wildlife and people and ultimately a healthier planet.

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How We Evaluate Our Success?

What makes an organization that is dedicated to a cause successful? Simply put, a nonprofit’s version of revenue is progress on achieving its mission’s goals. To the best of our knowledge we track and analyze the operations of our team and the utilization of our resources over time to be sure they are rightfully dedicated to the cause and these goals. When we feel these constituents are properly aligned and in balance we consider that to be success.

Saving Monkeys

A registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization in the USA. Federal EIN # 84-2101196.

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