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How are we helping today?

Tiputini Biodiversity Station located in Ecuador’s Yasuni, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Reforestation is always a necessary project.

The planting of trees and other necessary native plants required to restore forests and bring back the animals that so desperately rely on it for a home.

Helping to reverse the human-driven loss of forests from farming, grazing of livestock, mining and petroleum drilling . Many ecosystems have been disrupted by the complete clearance of forests, pushing many species to the brink of their existence.

It helps restore life, biodiversity, and consistent climate systems like rainfall, CO2 storage and 0xygen creation to the region and the planet.

Community Involvement

Currently our operations have been in the Pastaza region of Ecuador.

We have been working with some communities and indigenous peoples by helping to bring volunteers, funding and educational experiences to support their peaceful livelihoods.

Unaided by the government, though burdened to cooperating with it, these communities may have small ecological centers with animals in rehabilitation given to them by the government to care for. For this they participate in ecotourism with homestays, shelters and jungle trails.

We try to help these communities to facilitate more sustainable economic activities in order to avoid resorting to deforesting their land for farming.

Tiputini Biodiversity Station located in Ecuador’s Yasuni, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Research and Volunteer Projects

When we do volunteer trips it is always about education and understanding.

We provide activities for our helpers to learn, engage with and physically help out the environment and community.
Activities include reforestation, educational experiences, animal care, construction and repair projects and habitat creation (example being bee and pollinator homes to actively encourage reintroduction into newly reforested land).

We plan to acquire the organizations own rainforest territory to reforest, study, practice sustainable projects and run a research station for scientists, students and volunteers. Likely to be in the Pastaza region of Ecuador, known for its many indigenous communities.

Help us in saving the wild and their home! We’re currently raising funds to purchase this patch of rainforest to steward and conserve!

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