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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforestation, research, rehabilitation, and education by working with communities situated in delicate ecosystems to achieve a better future for both the wildlife and the people who live there.

Saving Monkeys

Welcome to Saving Monkeys!

Saving Monkeys emerged from firsthand experiences witnessing the dire threats looming over rainforest ecosystems and their inhabitants – wildlife and local communities. Recognizing the urgency for action, our organization was born, driven by the belief that on-the-ground efforts are pivotal in steering positive changes for all who depend on these fragile ecosystems. Satellite maps vividly illustrate the rapid and devastating deforestation plaguing equatorial rainforests across South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

With the invaluable support of our dedicated backers and the communities we serve, we aim to create a lasting, positive impact for wildlife and future generations.

Our mission extends beyond preservation; it’s about revealing the splendor, marvel, and enchantment these forests hold for humanity. Saving Monkeys endeavors not only to protect the monkeys and wildlife but also to uplift the human communities that call these biodiversity-rich forests their home.

Join us on this journey at Saving Monkeys, where we’re committed to safeguarding the treasures of nature. Your interest and support are truly appreciated!

“Caring for our planet’s primates isn’t just a duty; it’s our moral imperative. At savingmonkeys.org, we’re not just saving species; we’re safeguarding the very essence of compassion and biodiversity.”

Founder - Mike Moguel

Our Main Priorities

There is no doubt, humans are completely dependent upon the natural world. The sources of our food and water come directly from the lands that nature has to offer.  However the balance has been out of proportion for much time. By taking action with the help of our supporters and our resources, we hope to help shift this imbalance back to a more positive sustainable level. We desire to see a world where humans and wildlife are living in greater harmony.


More wildlife diversity means a healthier ecosystem and ultimately a healthier planet.


Rainforests are incredible zones of biodiversity for fauna and flora. They also function as the lungs of the planet to provide the world with oxygen, while housing a lot of CO2 in plants.


More immigrants are moving to their frontiers than ever before to live. These people need to learn about their impact and understand how to live in balance with their new home.

And the balance between

Education and lifestyles are factors to be aided in restoring the balance between the rainforests and the people who live off their lands.

Saving Monkeys

About Our Founders

Mike Moguel


Michael is an analytical professional with extensive experience in leading and managing the full spectrum of accounting and finance operations.
A certified CPA with remarkable efficiency in overseeing all aspects of property-level and ownership-level accounting for a portfolio of properties.

Founder Saving Monkeys.

Dra. Romina Guardia


Romina, a veterinarian from the University of Chile, has played a pivotal role in driving forward her “Project Ramon.” Sponsored by both the Yachana Foundation and Saving Monkeys Nonprofit, Romina serves as the project manager, spearheading the coordination and management of all aspects of this initiative. Her role involves overseeing its comprehensive development and ensuring the successful execution of activities and operations within “Project Ramon.”

Diana Godoy


Diana Godoy plays a pivotal role at Saving Monkeys, overseeing communication strategies and managing the vital volunteer programs. As the communications manager, she crafts and executes impactful messaging to raise awareness about the organization’s mission and conservation efforts. Additionally, Diana adeptly coordinates various volunteering programs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for those dedicated individuals contributing their time and skills to the cause. Her role is instrumental in fostering engagement, amplifying the organization’s reach, and inspiring others to join in the mission of protecting our primate companions and their natural habitats.

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Saving Monkeys

A registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization in the USA. Federal EIN # 84-2101196.

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